[mosh-users] mosh 1.4.0 released

Keith Winstein keithw at cs.stanford.edu
Mon Oct 31 08:59:06 EDT 2022

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Hello Mosh users and developers,

The Mosh team is pleased to announce the long-awaited 1.4.0 release.
This is our first release in five years and marks ten years since
Mosh 1.0.

The source code is at: https://mosh.org/mosh-1.4.0.tar.gz
(SHA-256: 872e4b134e5df29c8933dff12350785054d2fd2839b5ae6b5587b14db1465ddd)

Release managers were Alex Chernyakhovsky and Benjamin Barenblat, with
major contributions from Wolfgang Sanyer, John Hood, and Anders Kaseorg.

Compatability: Mosh 1.4.0 is backwards-compatible with mosh-clients
back to 0.96 and mosh-servers back to 1.0.9.

Bugs: Please let us know of any problems at the GitHub issue tracker,
at https://github.com/mobile-shell/mosh/issues. The developers can
also be found on IRC at <irc://irc.libera.chat/mosh>.

Summary: This release has a mix of bug fixes and new features.

New features:

- -    Support OSC 52 clipboard copy integration (Alex Cornejo)
- -    Allow non-inserting prediction (--predict-overwrite) (John Hood)
- -    Don't do prediction on large pastes into mosh-client (John Hood)
- -    Add true color support (Kang Jianbin)
- -    Add syslog logging of connections (Tom Judge)
- -    If exec()ing the remote command fails, pause briefly (John Hood)

Bug fixes:

- -    ignore unknown renditions (Keith Winstein)
- -    Overlays were getting set to the wrong colors (John Hood)
- -    Fix issue with incorrect true-color background erase colors (John Hood)
- -    Use HAVE_UTEMPTER instead of HAVE_UPTEMPTER (Michael Jarvis)
- -    Apply latest consecutive resize, not earliest (Peter Edwards)
- -    Use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW when available (Harry Sintonen)
- -    Add tmux and alacritty to title_term_types (Nam Favier)
- -    Don't sometimes hang just after launching ssh (Kalle Samuels)

Internal changes:

- -    Reformat printed strings in source (John Hood)
- -    Code cleanups (John Hood, Anders Kaseorg, Benjamin Barenblat, Alex Chernyakhovsky)
- -    Always use non-blocking sockets for recvmsg() (John Hood)
- -    Add Perl compile (John Hood)
- -    Improvements to the test suite (John Hood)
- -    Fixes to autoconf configure (Anders Kaseorg)
- -    Cleanups to our cryptography code (Benjamin Barenblat, Alex Chernyakhovsky)

Infrastructure changes:

- -    Add support for OCLint static checker (John Hood)
- -    Switch from Travis-CI to Github Actions (Wolfgang E. Sanyer, Alex Chernyakhovsky)
- -    Add code coverage and fuzzing infrastructure (Alex Chernyakhovsky)

For more details: https://github.com/mobile-shell/mosh/releases/tag/mosh-1.4.0

Legal: Mosh is distributed under the GNU General Public License
version 3 or later, with exceptions related to OpenSSL and iOS. Mosh
is a registered trademark.

Best regards on behalf of the Mosh team,
Keith Winstein


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